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Wireless @ The Speed of Light Our Technical Service Group has over 100 years combined experience in the wireless, telecommunications and broadcast industries. We have been involved with projects for several Fortune 500 Companies, US Government Agencies, including the DoD, DHS, Secret Service, Army Corps of Engineers, and the United States Marine Corps, and Major Universities. We have also worked for many European and Middle Eastern Government agencies.
ibwave-design-small Our technical staff are Registered Professional Engineers in most states.
We offer complete system solutions:

System Integration

With our experienced staff we offer complete solutions for your in-building needs.
If you are an A&E firm selected design the latest state of the art office building, shopping mall, medical facility, sports venue, or other complex building which now demands a complete, coordinated and dependable RF wireless solution, including D.A.S., small cell and professional WiFi, our staff can assistant from beginning to the finished product, verification of coverage and maintenance.

You may be a building owner, or property manager or property management firm who’s existing clients are demanding in-building coverage look to the Spectrum Velocity team for help.

We begin every project with a complete and thorough “needs assessment”. Once you have explained your needs, and agree with our understanding we review the available technologies and select the best integrated solution.

Proof of Concept

If you are moving from the development stage to actual construction of your project, we also offer complete system review to ease your mind on your current solution design. Since our staff has experience with the multiple solutions and technologies available, and are not “wed” to any one in particular we can review your design, and if necessary offer suggestions for improvements.

Spectrum Management

As the demand for wireless access increases in all facets of our daily life, a new and exciting service offered by Spectrum Velocity is “spectrum management” for your properties.

Spectrum Velocity’s team of experienced, train field technicians will survey ALL the existing RF sources on your properties, develop and maintain a database of users and spectrum used. We will then develop a coordination plan for you and your tenants to ensure interference free, reliable, RF networking operation. We can also offer security plan for your sensitive business data being transmitter over these networks. Our team has experience in not only software security solutions, but hardware solutions as well. This includes RF shielding and RF frequency “hopping”.

RF Interference Mitigation

When you find yourself working with your existing tenants or neighbors who are experiencing interference of their wireless networks, or you find issue with your existing RF infrastructure, we offer complete RF Interference Mitigation. This includes on-site surveys, identification of the offending signals, and affordable solutions to the interference.


The combination of our staff, their experience, state registrations and certifications and our network of licensed contractors, electrical installers, and engineers, we are able to provide complete turn-key solutions for all your in-building wireless requirements.


Spectrum Velocity is unique by offering long term maintenance. This includes scheduled site visits, annual verification of coverage, and priority emergency service.

Once your systems are installed and operating, your clients demand uninterrupted, quality service. Discuss the maintenance agreements with your Account Executive today.

A Combination of D.A.S., WiFi, and Small Cells

IBWave Design Certified


  • Densely populated urban areas
  • Colleges and universities
  • High-end, exclusive communities
  • Hotels, resorts, and convention centers
  • Venues, including stadiums, convention centers and theme parks
  • Hospitals and medical centers


Public venues such as Convention Centers, Arenas, Stadiums, and Airports are often plagued by poor RF coverage which can readily be resolved by a DAS solution. With the wireless capacity demand posed by the proliferation of smart phones, the more significant issue posed at these venues is the capacity demand on game day or the busy periods. A capacity solution consists of not only providing coverage enhancement as needed, but also breaking the facility into segments or sectors each having a dedicated amount of capacity allocated.Designing a high capacity venue involves a considerable amount of RF testing and predictive modeling. These venues also need a location to house the large amount of wireless operator equipment needed to provide the radio capacity for the site.

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